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The development of trade and economic mediation between Bulgaria, the Middle East and Europe impose the idea of establishing free zones throughout Bulgaria since the beginning of XX century.


The geographical situation, well-developed infrastructure  and transport communication of the town of Rousse prove to be decisive for the situation of such a zone precisely on the territory of Rousse.


Rousse Free Zone is established in 1988, as a major import and export hub, providing customs and tax relieves for investors and traders operating on its territory.




Rousse Free Zone invests continuously in infrastructure and the improvement of its material and technical base
Through the first quarter of 2019 Rousse Free Zone plans to finalize the complete renovation and rehabilitation of Building 4, on the area of 2160 sq. m. to meet the new customers. ...
"ROUSSE FREE ZONE", PIC 117001983, Bulgaria, 7003 Rousse, 71 Tutrakan Blvd., 107, tel.: +35982880-800, +35982831-113, e-mail: